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Welcome to Aussie Dog Treats

Aussie dog treats are healthy all natural chews and treats proudly made in Australia. All ingredients in our treats are sourced from only Australian abattoirs all ingredients are honest and simple with no preservatives or additives.
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Aussie Dog Treats

It’s not that we couldn’t do better. Australia is one of the most abundant agricultural countries in the world. We are surrounded by farms and fisheries producing the finest quality produce, meats and fish. Yet hardly anything of this is ending up in the bowls of our dogs.

Secrets to our Treats

There really are no secrets just quality Australian produce hand crafted and air dried to perfection


no preservatives, additives or fillers ever


chicken, lamb, beef, seafood and kangaroo

Locally Sourced

Australian produce that’s our promise always


sliced and air dried in small batches for quality control and freshness

Aussie Dog Treats

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We also love to talk to dog lovers reach out to us at aussiedogtreats@outlook.com

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What our customers say

Right Treats for Your Dogs: Healthy and NaturalOptions

When selecting rewards, consider your dog's size, diet, and personal preferences. In contrast to their larger counterparts, small breeds require rewards that are both palatable to their more compact mouths and provide the essential nutrients required for sustained physical activity.

Nutritious Dog Treats in Australia:

Healthy Dog Treats are vital to your pet's health. Treating them with natural ingredients can improve their health. Australian Dog Treats, known for their quality and nutritional content, use locally sourced, premium ingredients to keep your dog healthy.

Offering the Best Option for Dog Training:

Dog training, where incentives are essential, is exhilarating. The best puppy training snacks are pleasant and tiny enough to eat fast, keeping your puppy focused. These treats should appeal to your puppy, making them good positive reinforcemen

Chewy Snacks: Taste and Health

For dogs who need longer chewing times, chewy dog snacks can reduce plaque and tartar buildup and enhance oral health. Most dog treats are tasty and healthy, extending their delight.

Natural Dog Treats are safer for your pet because they lack artificial colours, tastes, and preservatives. Whole food ingredients in these delights promote digestion and minimise food allergies.

Consider Aussie Dog Treats when buying dog treats. Their devotion to quality, safety, and natural ingredients guarantees your pet receives the best diet care. For training, health, or pleasure, the perfect treat can make all the difference in
your pet's enjoyment and well-being.